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Kalarippayattu is the indigenous martial art of Kerala and is known to be in practice for more than five hundred years. it has been preserved for many centuries following the tradition of guru-sishya parampara

The martial training aims at the overall development of an individual beginning from physical strength, mental balance and progressing to spiritual upliftment. it forms, as it were, a path guided by the tradition to lead a complete life.

styles of Kalari based on the region such as northern, Central and Southern, of which the northern and Southern styles are very popular. While the northern style is believed to have originated from Paras`ura=ma, the Southern style is traced back to Sage agastya.

The northern style is popular for its visual treat with various combinations of ad/avus and use of different kinds of weapons. Particularly the arappukkai style consists of more technical applications.

The word ‘Kalari’ refers to the place of practice and ‘payattu’ means practice. Kalari is considered as a temple. The construction of Kalari is taken up on an auspicious day in an ‘appropriate’ place.

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