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Our Kuthuvarisai Couch
L. Gunaseelan

Our Silambam Couch
K. Rajasegaran

Our Silambam Couch
V. Ezhumalai

Our Silambam Couch
Dhivya S

Tips and news

  • The use of pressure points for massage and acupuncture has become a popular topic in…

  • Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode…

  • Quiet Breathing , Deep Breathing , Fast Breathing, Tribandha and Pranayama, Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama or…

  • Yoga is a discipline to improve or develop one’s inherent power in a balanced manner….

  • Kalarippayattu is the indigenous martial art of Kerala and is known to be in practice…

  • Silambam (Tamil: சிலம்பம் ) is a traditional Tamilan martial art based on stick fighting. This…

ஓம் கட்டு! சக்தி கட்டு!!
சக்தியும் சிவனும் தன்னை சுற்றி கட்டு!!!